Les Courants de la Liberté is an event organized by an non-profit organization, created in 1988, the organization relies primarily on a strong core of volunteers, a team of faithful work throughout year alongside four employees to prepare each edition.

The Members of the Organizing Committee are :

  • Yves MARTIN - President
  • Dominique LE DRET - Vice-president
  • Didier JOLLY - Vice-president
  • Xavier COLLARD - Treasurer
  • Laurence BOELLE - Assistant Treasurer
  • Karine GROUSSARD - Secretary
  • Jean DANTI - Assistant Secretary
  • Pierre GRENET - Race Director

Members of the association are supported year-round by a team of thirteen people :

- Josette BREVILLE
- François COUSIN
- Lorèdane FRANCOIS
- Patrick HELAINE
- Delphine JAMARD
- Michel LECANU
- Didier JOLLY
- Michel PETIBON
- Philippe DOL
- Georges RAIMONDO

Team of employees

  • Nicolas HASSANE - Director
  • Emeline MICHEL - Registrations Manager
  • Camille BAZIL - Communication and Entertainment Manager


The Dream Team of Volunteers



It is obvious but it is often stated that les Courants de la Liberté, like most sporting events, could not exist without the massive participation of volunteers.

The weekend of the event, there are now 1,700 volunteers who contribute to the success of les Courants de la Liberté. Their assignments may be different but their role is crucial in the reception and safety of the runner. For more information on the Dream Team click here.