Immerse yourself in the history of the city of Caen and discover its rich heritage.
From the time of Guillaume le Conquérant with the ducal castle and the two Abbeys, the Battle of Normandy with the museum Caen Memorial, the city has survived the centuries and keep his soul.

The City in figures

- 109 312 inhabitants
- 10th commercial port in France
- Prefecture of the Calvados department
- 2570 hectares or 25.7km2
- 30 000 students
- 1303 shops
- 242 restaurants

Some emblematic monuments


 The Castle of Caen


Built around 1060 by Guillaume le Conquérant, the ducal castle houses the Normandy Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts in Caen. With its 5.5 ha, Caen Castle is one of the largest fortified enclosures in Europe.
Many development works and restoration of the walls allow you to access the different viewpoints and admire stunning views of the city of Caen.
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The abbaye aux Dames


Benedictine abbey, founded in Caen by Matilde, wife of Guillaume le Conquérant. The Abbaye aux Dames was very prosperous 11th century to the Revolution. The 18th century convent buildings now house the headquarters of the Lower Normandy Region. Queen Matilda is based in the heart of the abbey church of the Trinity. Next door, the Michel d'Ornano Park offers a superb view of Caen and extend your visit.
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The abbaye aux hommes


The Abbaye aux Hommes was founded by Guillaume le Conquérant in Caen in Normandy in 1063. The monastic buildings of the 18th century now houses the town hall of Caen. You can visit the cloister, paneled rooms adorned with paintings, the Guard Room and the grand staircase. The tomb of Guillaume le Conquérant is the heart of the abbey church.
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The "Prairie"


Green lung of the city, the Prairie is a key element of the historical and natural heritage of Caen. The history of this monument of 90 green hectares, located close to the city center, is tied to that of Caen.
Today, the meadow is the nerve center of Caen for running's aficionados. It is a place of recreation and strolling popular with Caen and Caennaises.
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Memorial for peace


Close to the landing beaches, the Caen Memorial is a must museum on the Battle of Normandy and the history of the twentieth century. Caen, bombed in the summer 1944, martyr city of liberation, deserved indeed a tribute to the extent of his suffering be returned. Through this museum you will understand even more the reason Currents of Liberty: tribute to history through sport.
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Film, Caen "My Normandy"


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Many other places are not to be missed during your visit to Caen.

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